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Afbeelding: Bill White

"Our team can move mountains"

18 juli 2017

Since March 2017, Rompa CZ's operational team has been led by Operations Manager Bill White. The American won his spurs internationally in high-level manufacturing and management. What will he be focusing on at Rompa? How does he see the future? We asked Bill five questions.

What do you do at Rompa?
As the Operations Manager I focus on the operational aspect of our business in the Czech Republic and provide guidance and leadership to the team. There is a lot of excitement within Rompa CZ with our growth, lean initiatives, and optimization. 

So you're happy at Rompa?
Absolutely. The culture, drive, and ambition of our teams are astonishing. We truly have our customers’ best interests at heart and it shows. Our team can move mountains and during my first month here, I have seen it first-hand. Leading and being part of such an incredibly dynamic team is something we all strive for. 

What do you bring to this team?
I have just over twenty years’ experience in high-level manufacturing and a PhD in management. I started in automotive electronics and for the last half of my career I was responsible for automotive injection moulding in the US, and assembly operations. 

In addition I have a great balance of soft and hard skills. Meaning, I am extremely conversational at any level, and data-driven at the same time. Relationships are built on interaction with people. Our success is built on the result of these relationships, and our development and growth are possible by the data that comes from all involved. I have a keen sense to combine these two sides of the relationship to bring out the absolute best.

What are you looking forward to?
Rompa’s future as a whole. We are doing lots of very exciting things, both in the Czech Republic and across the globe. I want to take a snapshot of us now, and look back on it in ten years. I can’t wait to see the immense growth and developmental opportunities that we will have achieved. 

Finally: What you think of your new home country?
It took my wife and I a couple of weeks to really get settled into our new home and country, but it was an exciting challenge. At the moment, we're busy exploring our new home town of Brno and the surrounding area. Even though we live here, we still feel like tourists.