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Lucie Zifcakova - Rompa CZ

From the Czech Republic, with love

28 maart 2017

With us it's personal! In the context of our "It's the people who make Rompa" web section, we would like to introduce another colleague to you. Meet Lucie Zifcakova, Sales Engineer at Rompa head office.

1. Who is Lucie Zifcakova in a nutshell (both business and social) and what is your position at the Rompa Group?
"I am a Czech and as a Sales Engineer I am supporting our Project and Sales Managers in the Netherlands. This job fits me very well because I appreciate the diversity of this work. My passion is exploring new places, countries, cultures and studying foreign languages."

2. How long have you been working for the Rompa Group and is your current position your first position at the Rompa Group?
"I am working since 8 months at the Rompa Group. It started with an internship as a Project Engineer, however after 6 months it has been changed to Sales Engineer, because I am currently working on both (project and sales-related job tasks)."

3. Please tell me how a typical day at the office looks like. What do you do and who do you speak?
"That is one of the things that I like the most… No day is really typical and that creates an exciting work environment! Sometimes it is really challenging to manage some tasks effectively as fast as possible. Mostly I communicate with Sales and Project Managers and I support them with their custom tasks. In Rompa CZ I am in contact with people from almost each department, but mostly engineering."

4. When (in what phase) exactly do you come along in Rompa’s business processes? 
"I am involved in all phases of a project. From the beginning when I am working on the requests for quotations from our customers. Then, if it is needed, I am involved during the project to support our project team at Rompa CZ. And also when some special tasks have to be done as for example reports, overviews or additional calculations and service, I am supporting our team with that."

5. What do you contribute to the company?
"Flexibility and enthusiasm. Also I think my experience and knowledge have been extended a lot the last couple of months since I am working at Rompa Group. And as I am an ambitious person I believe it will continue the same way in the coming months and years." 

6. How do you stay ahead in your line of work and how do you stay inspired?
"I have my dreams which I am trying to follow up and without this opportunity at the Rompa Group it would be much more difficult for me to reach those dreams. That’s why I am always motivated and I am trying to work and educate myself as much as possible. I stay inspired when I work with colleagues with a positive and energizing work ethic."

7. What makes Rompa…. Rompa)? In other words, what makes Rompa unique in the plastics industry?
"The most important thing is our objective that our customers are always at the first position. That’s what makes our company unique!"

8. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
"For sure one of my biggest goals is to extend my experience and education related to sales and project engineering and management. During the coming 5 years I would like to become a specialist in project management and I believe I can reach it with the support of the Rompa team."

9. Who is your example, your role model?
"All the people with a positive attitude, anytime despite their personal problems!"

10. What is your personal / business motto?
"I have enclosed the perfect picture to visualize my motto…"

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