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Rob Kraan - Rompa Netherlands

Meet our colleague Rob Kraan from Rompa HQ

28 maart 2017

With us it's personal! In the context of our "It's the people who make Rompa" web section, we would like to introduce another colleague to you. Meet Rob Kraan, Controller at our Dutch head office.

1. Who is Rob Kraan in a nutshell?
“That is a difficult question… In a few words I can say, analytic, a wide interest, reserved in the beginning, but when I know people well I can be warm and amiable.”

2. How long have you been working for the Rompa Group and is your current position your first position at the Rompa Group?
“I have been working for the Rompa Group since 1997 and started as the head of accounting at Rompa Kunststof Produkten in Terheijden. At that moment we had no other companies.”

3. Please tell me how a typical day at the office looks like. What do you do and who do you speak?
“That is the challenge in my work, there is no typical day. Normally I start with having a look at our bank accounts and the money received. After that a big portion of my time I am busy with the group reporting, including forecast, budget, monthly reporting and annual reports. These reports are for internal use, but also for other stakeholders like the bank. Also customers sometimes want financial information. For that reporting I have contact with my colleagues at the other group companies, who are making the reports for their companies and are doing a great job. These reports are put into our reporting system and I do the consolidation for the group reports. Furthermore I have contact with insurance companies, banks, suppliers, customers, auditor’s and the company which is helping us with our IT environment.”

4. When (in what phase) exactly do you come along in Rompa’s business processes?
“I come along in the beginning when analyzing contracts and advising our sales managers about them, or when I am looking for financial information about a potential customer, but also at the end of the processes when doing the reporting for the group and the analysis of the reports from the group companies.”

5. What do you contribute to the company?
“My contribution to the company exists mainly of giving accurate reports in time, so directors and stakeholders have a good view of the results and the financial situation of the company.”

6. How do you stay ahead in your line of work and how do you stay inspired?
“To stay ahead I follow the news and read financial magazines and books. I am inspired by the eagerness and enthusiasm of the people surrounding me at Rompa.”  

7. What makes Rompa Rompa? In other words, what makes it unique in the plastics industry?
“I think you should ask this question to our customers. Their satisfaction is our goal.”

8. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
“I can see myself in this position for the coming years. It is never boring, never a dull moment.”

9. Who is your example, your role model?
“In my kind of work I have no role model, but as a human being I admire people like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. People with a mission they want to fulfill in peace.”

10. What is your personal / business motto?
“Be open for new opportunities and challenges.”