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Rompa Group is proud to announce new joint venture!

28 maart 2017

As Rompa Group, staunch supporter of ‘local for local’ production, we are always looking for opportunities to strengthen our services and thus improve service for our customers. That quest has recently led to a new collaboration. It is our great pleasure to proudly announce that as of January 1, 2015, we established a new joint venture with TransNav under the name TransRompa! This joint venture aims to expand the mutual global activities of Rompa Group and TransNav. Both companies are now able to practice injection molding ánd thermoforming and assembly on no less than three continents: Europe, Asia and America. Currently two projects have already started: TransRompa is already producing in CZ and for multiple automotive customers in Mexico.

TransNav Inc. is an experienced global manufacturer of injection molded assemblies, tooling, multi-tiered trading activities and a leatherette (PVC,PUR) distributor. The company supports multiple industries such as automotive, consumer and industrial and has facilities in the US, Mexico, Europe and partnerships in China. In 1981 the company was founded in the USA by the Vreeken family, just like us with roots in The Netherlands, and in the 1990s the location in Mexico opened its doors.

Patrick Gerard - CEO Rompa Group

Broaden international footprint
Both directors, Patrick Gerard (Rompa Group) and Ilja Vreeken (TransNav) tell how they have found each other, why they decided to join forces and what their vision for the future is. “To improve our services to customers there was a need to further broaden our international footprint, beyond our Asia, Europe and USA locations. While doing so in the most practical and efficient manner, of course. Last year we hired an individual, who happened to have worked as a vendor for TransNav for many years. She recognized the similarities in cultures and arranged our introduction”. says Gerard. Vreeken continues: “As we were exploring global opportunities as well, and because there are so many similarities in both our company cultures, the intermediary arranged our introduction”. When asked which similarities, Vreeken says that both companies have hands-on ownership, are fiscally conservative, have sound balance sheets to withstand economic cycles, technically sound staffs and similar management styles which allows open discussions. He exemplifies: “The open and honest discussions we had, have further convinced us that we have a similar business ethos and that both our reputations in the industry would be enhanced with this relationship”.

Ilja Vreeken - General Manager TransNav Inc.

No need to reinvent the wheel
The benefits of this joint venture, according to both, will be a natural transference of knowledge and experiences which allows both companies to become even stronger. “There is no need to reinvent the wheel” says Vreeken. Additionally, both companies will profit from the experience and local knowledge in the respective countries in which they operate, which allows for great problem solving capabilities on a global scale.

Win – win situation
There are many plans and ambitions for near future. “I want to nurture our partnership to insure long term success” says Gerard. “This joint venture is a win – win situation for both our customers and our partnership. Keeping open and clear lines of communication will allow us to grow exponentially. And the business is already there to support the decision”.

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