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Rocky Tan - Rompa Jiangmen

Say 'hello' to Rocky Tan, colleague from Rompa Jiangmen

28 maart 2017

With us it's personal! In the context of our "It's the people who make Rompa" web section, we would like to introduce another colleague to you. Meet Rocky Tan, Quality Engineer at Rompa in Jiangmen, China.

1. Who are you in a nutshell and what is your position at the Rompa Group?
“I am born and raised in the countryside of Jiangmen, which is located in the Guandong province in China, and proud father of two children. In 2013 I joined Rompa Shunxing as a Quality Engineer. My responsibility mainly focuses on the quality aspect of our new smart clean project, but also includes electronic-related work for new projects.”

2. Please tell me how a typical day at the office looks like. What do you do and who do you speak?
“Most of the time I spend inside our ESD workshop, where I work on solving and preventing quality issues. If we get a complaint from one of our customers, it is my job to find out what caused it and how to prevent it from happening again. I focus on sustaining and improving the quality standards through pro-active thinking. Whenever we get a new project that involves a PCBA, I am in charge of laying out the PCBA and helping to think along with the customer to improve and optimize the design. During the day, I speak with colleagues from different departments. We are a strong team. All colleagues are willing to lend each other a hand whenever someone needs help. This results in a positive and friendly working environment. I love it.”

3. What do you contribute to the company?
My number one contribution is to maintain and improve our quality achievements and standards, following up the ISO standards. I do this through supervising and working closely together in our ESD work area.”

4. How do you stay ahead in your line of work and how do you stay inspired?
“I try to always improve my work and get more experience. I am naturally interested in my job and enjoy learning even more! I feel appreciated by my company and I appreciate my company.”

5. What makes Rompa unique in the plastics industry?
Rompa is Rompa because of the synergy between its employees, employers and customers! People in the factory are not just colleagues, but almost family. We all strive towards the same goal: to achieve and surpass our customers expectations!”

6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I want to work my way up within the Rompa Group. I have always been interested in industrial engineering and it would be fantastic to follow a greenbelt training to increase my added value for Rompa.”

7. Who is your example, your role model?
That would be Tony Xiao, my manager; he has a natural talent to lead and to see priorities. He is a friendly and helpful person, who is always willing to go out of his way to support other people!”

8. What is your personal / business motto?
“When life gets difficult don’t ask yourself ‘Why me?’ but: ‘TRY ME!’