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SunGrooves on August 26 featuring the Rompa Live Stage

4augustus 2017

Do you love dance music or great parties in general? Clear your calendar on Saturday August 26 and visit SunGrooves in Ravenstein, near Nijmegen. This is the twelfth edition of the “most idyllic festival of the south.” Once again, Rompa is one of the festival’s sponsors. That means you can get your groove on at the Rompa Live Stage! 

At Rompa, we strive to make a valuable contribution to society. We do so in a variety of ways, e.g. by supporting charities and by linking our name to activities and events that bring people together. We support a wide range of events: domestic and foreign, large and small, educational and sports, serious and festive – yet always sociable.

SunGrooves America
Having fun, connecting with others and enjoying a great, relaxing atmosphere: that is what SunGrooves is all about. Every year, the festival has a theme connected to an exotic country. This year, SunGrooves is all about the diversity and absurdity of America: from the gambling addicts in Las Vegas and the eccentrics at the Burning Man festival to the cowboys of Texas and the most powerful man in the world in the White House. You can see, taste, smell and feel America in the festival’s atmosphere, decorations, food and much, much more. The organisation does not want to give away everything just yet, but one thing is for sure: visiting SunGrooves is an experience you will never forget!

How it all started
SunGrooves started out at as birthday party that got out of hand. Although the festival’s scope has expanded significantly, it is still a relatively small-scale event, which is what gives it its unique appeal. The organisation still consists of volunteers who enjoy working hard to give people a great time. They strive to host a party to which an entire community contributes, which depends on the help of sponsors and volunteers and which is one of the year’s highlights for countless people.

See you there!
Would you like to know more about SunGrooves? Check out the teaser, view last year’s aftermovie or order your tickets right away. We hope you have a fantastic day. Enjoy… and don’t forget to visit the Rompa Live Stage!

SunGrooves 1
SunGrooves 2
SunGrooves 3
SunGrooves 4
SunGrooves 5